Free write Fridays invite


and in that moment I swear we were infinite.

I saw clearly for the first time the way we were , strong free , able willing. The world was at our feet , the door was opened and all the possibilities came tumble out like a closet that had been shoved to full finally giving way.
We were one , we had spoken our vows to each other in front of man and under God. It felt so right. The endless joy or what would and could be . I looked out over our friends and family beaming with happiness and anticipation of our new life together. Our eyes locked and I knew that when I said till death do us part I meant it with every inch of my being .
Finally we were a all a family us and our daughter. What we had felt shame for so long was now lifted and a fresh start was just beginning. The weight had been lifted of my terrible burden . It was extra say to stand and know what was wrong had been made right.
As we made our way down the isle to exit the church every step gave new meaning. Every step made way into our new life as man , wife and child. With each step the confidence of our love grew stronger and the shackles that held us down were freed .

in that moment I swear we were infinite .


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